NTJRC's Services

Training and Technical Assistance
NAICJA and its Resource Center provides training and technical assistance (TTA) through federally-funded projects and as a fee-for-service (when the TTA needs of a tribal justice system are outside the scope of NAICJA's federally-funded projects).
Federally-funded TTA:  NAICJA and its Center is currently providing Training and Technical Assistance through a Tribal Criminal and Civil Legal Assistance (TCCLA) project funded by the  U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance.  Under this project, the NTJRC will be providing a number of services to TCCLA grantees and non-grantee tribal justice system stakeholders to include:
  • A website that provides access to various publications, links to online resources, directories of service providers, training calendars, and other information useful and related to the provision of tribal criminal and civil legal assistance;
  • Several trainings related to the provision of tribal criminal and civil legal assistance; 
  • A limited number of on-site technical assistance visits to tribal justice systems providing or planning to provide tribal criminal and civil legal assistance; and 
  • The development of a publication that will assist tribal justice systems in their efforts to provide tribal criminal and civil legal assistance. 
Fee-for-service Training and technical assistance is provided by the NTJRC via the use of contract consultants (from our pool of qualified independent contractors) and NTJRC staff.  The NTJRC will provide an initial intake, determine TTA needs, and develop a TTA plan and proposal with interested tribal justice systems.  The NTJRC will work to keep costs low and to develop a TTA plan that matches your needs and allows you to determine what your TTA objectives are.  With NAICJA's broad membership and relationships with TTA providers, consultants and experts throughout Indian Country, we can tailor TTA to your unique needs.  If interested in this service, please contact the Resource Center at (303) 449-4112.
Feel free to call us with your questions dealing with tribal justice. Our staff will answer your questions or, if we are unable to answer it, we will refer you to someone who can. Our phone number is (303) 449-4112.  We are available to take your calls, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).
Web-Based Resources
Please bear with us, as we develop our “new” website.  You can expect this website to evolve over the next few years and to be just as useful and relevant as it was before, if not even more so.  Initially, it will be smaller than before, but it will grow and expand.  It will have some of the same content as before, but it will also be different (we learned some important lessons from our first website).  Despite the changes, the NTJRC website will still have the same goal of becoming and being a source of daily support and assistance to tribal justice systems nationwide.   
Web-based Resources that NTJRC will be developing include:
  • A calendar that lists current information about trainings, seminars and conferences that relate to tribal justice.
  • A job opportunities page to advertise positions available in tribal justice.
  • A listing of Funding Opportunities made available through federal agencies, organizations and the private sector.
  • A directory of technical assistance providers working with tribal justice systems and profiles of their services along with contact information. 
  • A library of dowloadable publications including reports, training manuals, and other documents that are relevant to tribal justice systems.