NAICJA Issues RFP for the 2014 National Tribal Judicial and Court Clerks' Conference and Annual Meeting

NAICJA is seeking proposals to provide hotel and meeting facilities for the 2014 National American Indian Court Judges Association (NAICJA) 44th Annual National Tribal Judicial and Court Clerks’ Conference and Annual Meeting.

Proposals to host one or both years will be accepted.
SUBMISSION DATE:   Written proposals must be either emailed or sent by regular U.S. mail on or before Friday, March 29, 2013 to:
Jill E. Tompkins
President, NAICJA
3300 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 206
Boulder, CO 80501
Tel. (720) 771-3830
Proposals should include lodging room costs (government rate preferred), and meeting room costs. Price lists for catering and audio-visual must be included or attached to proposal.  
To download and review the full RFP before submitting a bid: